Shanghai ALLECARD Image Material Co., Ltd is high-technology enterprise who focus on the Researching, production and sales of digital Image printable coating. With the top-rank R&D engineer team and holding a long-term relationship of IAR with colleges and universities, we mainly in the field of digital image printable PVC and PET material. In 2012, we introduced the Full automatic coating production line and got the certificate of registration and meeting the requirement of ISO9001. In 2013, we honored as one of the “High-technology Enterprise of Shanghai”. In 2014, we finished the R&D work and start to produce the new series named “Self-help One-stop Medical Film Printing Terminal”. In 2015, we won the Great Prize of the New Material Group of “The 4th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition” in Shanghai and gained the “excellent enterprise” when we attended the nationwide on behalf of Shanghai. In 2016, we gained the 2nd Prize in the matches of “The project of transformation in High-Tech achievements” and “Songjiang Technological Advancements in Shanghai”. At present, we has applied for 13 patents, of which 4 patents, 5 trademarks and 7 software copyright. Several technologies and products in China is on the advanced level.

            The “X-Ray Film” series of us is more and more replaced the traditional imported Film and widely used in the hospitals nationwide in China for its features of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, Lower the Medical Costs, Waterproof, Long guarantee life and Color Output. In China, the cost for the medical film purpose is nearly 30 billion, in which the dosage of imported film is more than 95%, the foreign enterprises are absolutely in monopoly position with high costs, enhance the afford of the patients. As the 1st color laser printable medical film in China, we filled a gap of Medical Film field, stopped the monopoly position of foreign enterprises, enlarge the dosage of Chinese medical Film, lower the cost of the patients and National Health insurance expenditure, offering a good economic and social benefits for China.

Shanghai ALLECARD Image Material Co., Ltd adhere to the business philosophy of “Excellent Quality, In-time Service”. Offering the one-stop solutions for the customers, trying our best to contribute for the field of Chinese Medical Image Output.